National Geographic


In the 2017-2018 school year, my students embarked on a Geo-Inquiry to answer the following question, "How can we make water more accessible and reduce plastic waste in our parks and schools?" 


Students mapped water sources in our city and lobbied our parks and school districts to install bottle filling stations.

The result? Our Cosumnes Services Parks and Recreation District is now retrofitting old fountains in its more than 90 parks with fountain-bottle filling stations.


The inquiry uncovered knowledge which promoted a sense of empowerment which resulted in action. View my students' Geo-Inquiry Story created using an Esri Story Map below. 


Check out National Geographic's Geo-Inquiry Process webpage to see how you can bring Geo-Inquiry into your school. 

Check out Esri's Story Maps webpage to see if this might be a tool you want your students to use.


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Writing 101

Writing is arguably one of the most complex subjects to teach. It involves navigating and understanding new content. It requires students to organize their ideas. And as soon as the writing begins, so does the revision. Were the ideas clearly expressed? Was the tone appropriate? Were there missing elements? 


I'm collaborating with Heather Wolpert-Gawron of TweenTeacher fame to develop a series of standards-aligned infographics and writing lessons to empower students to become more masterful writers. Take a look at the first infographic or-better yet-tap the presentation button to see it come to life!